Soap Maker

handmade soap makerI haven’t always been a soap maker, but I’ve been a soap lover as long as I can remember.  I still have plastic cookie cutters that contained my first “foo-foo” fancy soaps, given to me in 1968.  Bath & body products were always on my “wish list”.   Whether at a department store or craft fair, I’ve always been drawn to the bath & body section.

I purchased a handmade soap that irritated my skin at a local fair in 2002.  This caused me to consider making my own soap for the first time.

soap maker and soap maker grandma
Grandma Mabel

My Grandma Mabel told me about making soap in the 1920’s and 1930’s (out of necessity during the Great Depression.)  This made becoming a soap maker seem like something I could learn to do.

To be honest, my first batch wasn’t all that great.  It was moisturizing and mild, though, and it WAS soap!

As a soap maker, I hope you love our products, but I also hope they help you rediscover true relaxation and enjoyment in your daily bathing routine.

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