“Rediscover the Art of Bathing” isn’t just a tagline to us, it’s our mission.  We strive to create the most luxurious handmade soap and bath products available…anywhere.  We think you deserve to enjoy the simple luxury of a steamy bath.

Whether its a quick morning shower to start your day, or a relaxing, hour-long soak, we want you to truly enjoy your daily bathing experience..

I’ve been a bath lover and self-proclaimed “soap freak” as long as I can remember.  I still have plastic cookie cutters that contained my first “foo-foo” fancy soaps, given to me in 1968.  Bath & body products were ALWAYS on my “wish list”.   Whether at a department store or craft fair, I would inevitably be drawn to the bath & body section.

After purchasing a handmade soap that could best be described as “harsh” at a local fair in 2002,  I began to consider making my own soap for the first time.

Grandma Mabel

My Grandma Mabel told me about making soap in the 1920’s and 1930’s (out of necessity during the Great Depression.)  This made the idea of making homemade soap seem like something I could learn to do.

To be honest, my first batch wasn’t pretty or fragrant.  As I recall, it was dark brown (colored with cocoa powder), and had virtually no scent.   It was moisturizing and mild, though….and it was, well, SOAP!

Soap studio -ready to make soap!

I was hooked on the soap-making process, and continued on despite that rather disappointing first batch.  That was almost 15 years ago, and I am happy to say that nowadays Heirloom Soapworks handmade bath & body is something our customers really love….some say they are addicted.

We hope you will not only love our products, but we hope you rediscover  true relaxation and enjoyment in your daily bathing routine.

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